Design and Safety

Tideway Community

The design of the Tideways was more an evolution than a single design process. The first Tideway originally called the Walker 12 was first built in wood in the 1950’s and was refined and improved over nearly 40 years until finally being committed to paper in 1992 the date of the first boats built with glassfibre hulls. The 14ft and 10ft boats have a similar pedigree and again were first made in glassfibre in the 1990’s.

The shape of all the boats makes them stable and good in a seaway as you would expect from their East Coast working boat origins. The proportions shape and obvious strength with style means the general appearance of a Tideway stands out as a traditional seaworthy and practical boat in the classic day boat mould. Tideways are boats that are always noticed.

Tideway’s are strong stable and safe boats to use and sail and are all equipped with proper buoyancy tanks and/or bags and reefing systems as standard. The rig is well balanced allowing the boat to lie head to wind if all sheets and tiller are “free”.

All the boats are approved under the relevant Craft Safety Directive Category C (which means approved for use on estuary waters and at sea ) for the 12ft and 14ft boats and D (for inland waters) for the 10 and are Certificated as such.