Build and Finish

Tideway Community

All Tideways are built by skilled craftsmen – experienced in wood and glassfibre - to a high standard. They are built individually for customers who want a boat that is strong and enduring.

Tideway’s are built to the highest quality of moulding wood building and finishing and the varnishing is also to the same high quality standard – the result being a beautiful well equipped and durable boat to own which will be great fun to sail. She will look good for many many years with a reasonable level of maintenance.

The glassfibre hulls are robust and good looking with their clinker hulls, whilst all timber work is carried out by A. Riva and Son Shipwrights.

The centre and aft thwart, all supporting knees, the centreboard case top, side benches and transom pad are all solid mahogany, the gunwales have an ash inlay and are copper riveted with the roves showing on the inside and plugged on the outside as a traditional wooden build, for the fordeck model a top quality plywood is used (mahogany through-out) the floorboards are in douglas fir as are the spars. With another specialist in the team putting on the gloss finish, with a high build, hard wearing varnish.

The level of equipment supplied means that the boats are ready for the water, to sail or row and even fenders and a cover are included. Extras are therefore limited to voluntary items not essential to safely sail the boats such as trailers and outboard brackets.